UY088 Various Artists “A Selection Of Diary 4.1” out now!

The year is 2014 and we're looking into the Upon.You-„Diary“ again of which the fourth and most recent chapter has been written by our long time friend and stalwart producer Gunnar Stiller who has been digging deep into the sonic layers of our universe to unearth shining House- / TechHouse – / TechWhatever-diamonds perfectly reflecting the Upon.You-sound of today …and tomorrow.

After the full-on digital release of our latest label compilation we're proud to present „Diary 4.1 A Vinyl Selection“ - a 12“ vinyl single featuring a sweet selection of four essential tracks taken from the vast richness that is to be found on „Diary No. 4 – Compiled By Gunnar Stiller“ .

With these tunes produced by the likes of Einzelkind, Daniel Stefanik, The Cheapers and Gunnar Stiller himself we're sending special shouts to all vinyl loving DJ's, bringing them a hand-picked selection of high quality electronic dancefloor cuts for heavy primetime workouts and late night abuse.

Finding Love“ is the mission for Einzelkind of Pressure Traxx- and La Pena-fame and they're about to find it straight at the heart of the dancefloor, in the midst of the sweat-covered, ecstatic crowd happily floating along dark'ish basslines, ever repeating vocal bits and a sweet little, glockenspiel'esque melody playfully peaking through the heavy bass grooves every now and then.

Representing the Leipzig-scene is Daniel Stefanik who explores uptempo realms with the levitating string arrangements of „All God's People“ that might be filed under the flag of being angelic by some – or many. Masterly crafted and accompanied by precisely cut, slightly electroid sounding percussion works this one is a perfect example of how emotional things can get within electronic music – imagine a crowd loving this tune to bits when the first rays of sun hit a festival site again after a long night under the dark skies.

Following up is Gunnar Stiller with his „Diary“ contribution of the same name in which the man himself takes TechHouse to a quite techy, straightforward level with hi-hats as sharp as a knife and uberly thrilling, massive and quite surprising synth breakdown meant to set the roof on fire. Pure energy and a new definition of Rave.

The essence of the collaborational studio force of Fraenzen Texas and Ruede Hagelstein is bottled under their conjunctional moniker The Cheapers which has been part of the Upon.You-family from day dot. Focusing on more melodic, analogue sounding aspects of TechHouse with „Rosetta“ they're weighing in uplifting, playful melody works touched by organic melancholia, modernistic (Neo)Trance-elements and a tongue-in-cheek reminiscence of some infamous Swiss electronic music pioneers.


Gunnar Stiller mixed Diary N°4!

After we released both parts of Diary N°4, Gunnar Stiller put all tracks together into one great mix showing perfectly the diversity of our compilation. As a little gift to you we´ve made it as a free download!

UY087 The Cheapers “Between The Lines” out now!

The collaborational studio force of Fraenzen Texas and Ruede Hagelstein is bottled and refined under their conjunctional moniker The Cheapers which has been part of the Upon.You-family from day dot, a connection established with their first EP named „Fog & Frogs“ back in 2007 and succeeded by a steady string of releases in the following years. Now, seven years after their Upon.You-debut, The Cheapers are back for another round with their new single effort going by the name of „Between The Lines“ -  a perfect showcase of their dazzling array emerging from their shared musical vision.

With the first tune on this three-tracker The Cheapers are experiencing „Close Encounters“ when the tension mounts in the track of the same name. Starting as a deep, spine-tingling tune based  on a sparse, moving melody and tinkling triangle sounds the track soon turns into a highly emotional wave of overwhelming bass beauty perfectly depicting the sweet melancholia that strikes when the first leaves turn golden but the summer's heat isn't fully gone yet. If there's such a term we'd file this as TechHouse for lovers.

Entering a „New Area“ with the singles final cut The Cheapers bring in cinematic qualities with a beautiful intro string sequence whilst frolicking bass motifs, playful FX and scattered sounds complement one of the most heart-warming piano parts ever housed in a TechHouse-related framework that's fully living up to being described as 'epic' for a reason. No matter when or where played out in front of an audience, „New Area“ is about to make the world a better, brighter place for just six minutes.

With their „Autumn Blues“ they're entering deep space propelled by a quite hypnotic,TechHouse-fueled power unit, thrilling bass / melody progressions and a seductive female voice announcing the advent of something unfathomable from a place no-one knows about before the pairs coruscant sci-fi synths are transmitting coded signals directly into the crowds nervous system to provide ultimate dancefloor pleasure.

UYCD005_2 Various Artists “Diary N°4.2” compiled by Gunnar Stiller out now!

Ringing the bell for round two we see our Italian friends Re-Up entering the ring with their tune „Our Touch“ - a decent, spine-tingling, high definition TechHouse affair that's surely leaving plenty of space for dark and dirty imaginations. Red hot and sexy.

Another pair of beloved French friends is teaming up on the next track – Okain & Loquace. With their nicely named contribution „Lascars“ they're fusing stripped-down-to-the-bone House music  with a tense crime scene feel and sparse futuristic soundscapes that are putting all senses on high alert.

Coming straight outta Erfurt we see Pascal Eckardt a.k.a. Beatamines taking care of a beautiful sonic „Lotus“ flower built of frolicking, slightly Jazz-influenced percussion lines and a seductively meandering hook that makes each and every punter smile for a reason. One of these tunes that are able to turn an average party into the best night out ever. Plus: the message transported here is a quite remarkable one.

With tracks and remixes released via labels like Dessous Recordings, 8bit, Plastic City just to name a few the man they call Gorge has been making some serious waves on the electronic music circuit within the past ten years and his contribution „In Sync“ is a sweet example for his remarkable ability to fuse an ever changing synth motif evolution with pure dancefloor pressure whilst garnishing things with Rave-reminiscing vocal bits and the very essence of how Trance-inducing electronic music can be. Play this one in huge spaces with strobes, fog machines and laserlights and you're about to see a crowd going bonkers within a few bars.

More highly seductive sonic pleasure is coming from the vaults of Marco Resmann's studio space who is fully focusing on the hypnotizing effects of repetitive stabs accompanied by beautifully progressing melodies – a simple and effective formula that makes the summer „Sun“ rise over each and every floor when the stunning vocal break provides final  relief and slightly balearic elements add a unique, calming yet levitating vibe to this track.

„Nonnenrauschen“ is Ruede Hagelstein's contribution to „Diary No. 4“ and defo one of the compilations techier affairs. Uberly precise and  built of only a few, very carefully placed elements that create the kind of magical, mystical vibe one longs for in the final hours of a long night out, the small hours in which a fever'ish instincts take over and all one is craving for is a massive bassline embracing each and everyone around. Epic? Epic. Fact.

Representing the CPH-massive is Denis Horvat with a track that is „Growing Inside“ , another twitchy bass focused banger that's sporting nervous hi-hats and restive shakers whilst dark, rolling subs and twisted background filter orgies cause serious dancefloor movements when played to a peaktime crowd that's fully on fire. This one's a sex track.

Amsterdam's ONNO is a self-proclaimed specialist for what some might call Gangsta Techno and his pretty muscular „Best Around“ is a decent example of where this term is rooted. Pumping and well-demanding beat structures are providing a proper punch whilst tweaked and twisted, clearly HipHop-/Rap-influenced sample works create a shady, yet straight forward vibe for all those willing to enter the dark side where danger and creepy figures might lurk around the next rundown corner.

The Bulgarian producer Metodi Hristov has come a long way within the past years and has been busy travelling the world after a string of well-perceived releases lately that have put him on the map internationally. His „Bass Crimes“ showcase his unique view on more uptempo TechHouse that is bass heavy for sure but also comes up with a undeniably psychedelic twist.

Sylvain Soulier a.k.a Darlyn Vlys has made his Upon.You debut back in 2010 alongside Dan Soda as a part of the Upon.You Sweet & Sour Series. Now, four years later he's teaming up with Thomas Gandey for „Objection“ that's nothing short of a deep sub frequency monster of a track with super seductive off-kilter vocals and madly climaxing sounds scattered all over the place. Call this one a proper late night anthem for a reason.

Another duo featured on our „Diary No. 4“ is the Netherlands-based pairing of David Labeij and Laurens Lantning, better known under the name of Polder. Their tune „Defused“ evolves into a very detailed, spiralling sci-fi affair that's about to please all fans of well-tripping TechHouse as well as MNML aficionados alike whilst revealing some classic Electro-influences every now and then.

More Dutch power is coming from Marcus Gehring who's providing the closing tune of 2014's „Diary“ with his „Night Vision“ – an ever floating TechHouse affair built of carefully layered melodies and warm, organic basslines that are tenderly waving goodbye and sending punters home safely after nights turned into days and into nights again.   

Upon.You Label Night @ Panorama Bar on the 21st of November!

We are really looking forward to our last Label Night in 2014 at the infamous Panorama Bar in Berlin! This time with a special Live PA by Simian Mobile Disco and a DJ set by our long time Poker Flat friend Martin Landsky. Label Head Marco Resmann and Upon.You key player Ruede Hagelstein rounding this incredible night perfectly.

UYD018 Darlyn Vlys “The End” out now!

Connected to the Upon.You family since his collaborational joint with Samuel Dan released via our Upon.You Sweet & Sour Series back in 2010 Sylvain Soulier, better known as Darlyn Vlys, is now finally back and ready to go solo with „The End“ on Upon.You Digital.

In between then and now a whole lot has happened for the French producer who has amassed a pretty solid catalogue of releases and remixes on labels like Audiomatique Recordings, KD Music, Terminal M, Sincopat, Trapez, Mo's Ferry Productions and many many more and surely will keep dancefloor crowds in constant motion with his forthcoming Upon.You Digital single.

The original version of „The End“ is opening here, perfectly showcasing Mr. Soulier's ultimately refined production skills as well as an undeniable fondness for dark and shady places as we're defo feeling the thrill of something unknown and possibly pretty dangerous lurking somewhere in the shadows. Super tense athmospheres and viscoplastic basslines set  the tone for buzzing high frequency works, organic claps and gnarly synths accompanied by seductively remodeled vocal bits announcing that this is „The End“.

A man they call Maximiljan comes up next here, serving two variations of the title track. His so-called  „Maximiljan Deeper Mix“ is dabbling with DeepHouse-related chords fusing an alliance with well-demanding sharp hi-hats and the sensation of a tepid late summer night whilst the characteristic vocal bits and slightly alarming frequency twists still provide the feel of vigilance and strain.

In opposite to his deeper re-fix we see the „Maximiljan Stomp Mix“ being, well…, stompy and built on a quite technoid beat structure that is nicely contrasted by uberly fragile, heart warming strings reminiscing to Trance in its early, non-cheesy stage and ectstatic, Rave-informed stab motifs. Amalgamate these ingredients with some rhythmically pounding, techy, hard-hitting bass tones and you'll find yourself listening to what some might file under the flag of being a timeless future classic.

For the final cut on this single Darlyn Vlys teams up with Alexander Proshkovsky a.k.a. WestBoy for a „Cocktail In Kiev“ which seems to be a lively, red hot city to be. Sporting some tropical percussion elements accompanied by ever morphing bassline structures giving crowds the fever we're even discovering some clicking Minimal Techno-related sounds that have managed to sneak into the sonic spectrum of this percussively building TechHouse-mover. Plus: a careful headphone listening session might even provide a clue what's the secret about the tracks name…. Cheerio!

UYCD005_1 Various Artists “Diary N°4.1” compiled by Gunnar Stiller out now!

The year is 2014. Nearly two years have passed since the release of our last full-on Upon.You label compilation and it's time to look into the Upon.You-„Diary“ again of which the fourth and most recent chapter is written by our long time friend and stalwart producer Gunnar Stiller who has not only stunned dancefloors lately with his July-released single „What's Said Is Done“ but dug deep into the sonic layers of our universe to unearth shining House- / TechHouse – / TechWhatever-diamonds perfectly reflecting the Upon.You-sound of today …and tomorrow. Regularly transmitting quality electronic music for nearly eight years now, with an overall count of more than 100 releases via Upon.You Records and its several subsidiaries, highly appreciated label nights and a tightly knit collective of artists collecting heaps of air miles on their neverending transboundary music mission the label has constantly grown into one of the main forces on the international TechHouse circuit and „Diary No. 4 – Compiled By Gunnar Stiller“ weighs in a whole lot of 24 tracks that are providing proof why the Upon.You label sound is stronger than ever these days. „Diary No. 4 – Compiled By Gunnar Stiller“ is released in two parts scheduled for October, 27th (Part 1) and November, 17th (Part 2) featuring only box fresh and exclusive tracks that have been crafted exclusively for this gathering of established Upon.You-artists, friends, former remixers and selected label recruits including artists like Marco Resmann, Gunnar Stiller, Alex Niggemann, The Cheapers, Einzelkind, Daniel Stefanik, Okain, Danny Serrano, ONNO, Metodi Hristov and many more.

UY086 AFFKT “Two Faces” out now!

Valencia calling. Straight from the offices of his very own Sincopat-label we see Marc Martinez Nadal a.k.a. AFFKT sending a first E.P. transmission to the heart of the Upon.You headquarters after providing serious dancefloor emissions on imprints like OFF, Mobilee, Suruba and even the legendary Skint label throughout the past years. And the new member of the Upon.You-family is truly ready to cater another distinct dancefloor statement with his „Two Faces E.P.“  which is including two original tracks plus remixes from his fellow Spaniard Piek as well as the Finnish producer and longtime Bpitch artist Kiki. Opening the dance with the original version of „Faceless“ Mr. Nadal turns his head into the dark zone straightaway whilst catering a fever'ish, hollow and well driving TechHouse tune sporting slightly electroid claps, a droning overall presence of tension and bass, haunting vocals plus alarmingly twisted synth eruptions and killer sirens created for maximum impact and primetime (ab)use. Still in the middle of darkness Piek takes over the controls and provides an astounding recut of the original „Faceless“. Whilst sticking close to the original vibe the man who is known to his parents as Nacho Gonzales adds new claps and lively, Chicago-referencing drum works in the percussive section as well as a huge, analogue low frequency bass attack that needs really massive spaces and proper rigs to display full force. A mental rave piece for sure.

The next one on remix duty is Kiki who's reworking „Twice“ here to a moody, ever spiralling effect. Built on a super solid, rolling bassline foundation and more whispering voices chords are climbing up to new energetic heights over and over again, nicely contrasted with toolish, tension-heavy bits telling tales of dangerous streets and shady backroom business before – after 4+ minutes – the mighty Jack drops by for a super-effective Acid delivery and demonstrates how one single, on point loop makes a huge difference. Finally the original version of „Twice“ leads TechHouse crowds into new early morning heights with sweetest strings, a slightly balearic, highly chromatic progressions, providing a weightless and at some points even (Neo)Trance-induced athmosphere for an emotional ride on the first beams of a rising Ibiza sun. Sonic beauty ftw.

UY085 ONNO & Okain “Triple O” out now!

It's all about the O. The dutch they call ONNO. The frenchie they call Okain. The Originality of their internatiOnal cOllabOratiOn. The rOcking danceflOOrs and the ObviOus jOy their tunes bring tO whOOping crOwds. TwO members Of the UpOn.YOu family jOin fOrces in the studiO fOr the very first time, setting things straight for this seasOn with a bOiling hOt triple treatment that's abOut tO make peOple gO:

„OOOh yeah!“

With „MP Scene“ the pair of producers open the set with a steadily pumping, muscular tune built around huge, embracing organic bass pulses, sharp, unprocessed impellent hi-hats, serious, slightly twisted Club Techno stabs and captivating strings from the upper end of the acoustic spectrum announcing the next big thrill lurking behind the next audible twist. 

Progressing into the next tune „Set Me Back“ opens with large, pounding bass drums, clever shaker works and a big heap of ONNO's so called Gangsta Techno influence represented by tense vocal samples most obviously taken straight from the streets of the hood. Combining this roughneck attitude with lively, bubbling synth lines and dubbed out, echoing chords and some oldskool'ish cowbells the roof is surely on fire when „Set Me Back“ is hammering on a large P.A. system on a TechHouse floor near you.  

Finally the „Tiebreaker“ brings on a straight forward feel of stripped down TechHouse with a foundation built of gravelly, analogue sounding bass tones and super solid, effervescent, LatinHouse-reminiscing breakbeat loops working things out to maximum effect percussionwise. All ONNO & Okain need to add is a fine icing of sparse, frosty and  phantasmal synths which – due to their hypnotizing force – draw revelling punters right to the centre of the dancefloor in search of the    ultimate thrill and a killer groove.


Upon.You Label Night @ Watergate on the 19th of September!

Next friday we'll serve you again an extraordinary edition of our regular labelnight at Watergate Club in Berlin. Together with our buddys from Serialism we'll uplifting this night to another state-of-the-art show of great musicians and an excellent crowd. From our side we are pleased to have on board a new born b2b team between frenchman Okain and ibiza based ONNO, both ready for some gangster grooves in the early morning. First time in this place we got supertalented labelmate Loquace, wellknown for his works on Upon.You and his own imprint Earlydub. Label honcho Marco Resmann and our sweet lady from Tel Aviv, Magit Cacoon, rounding off this special night perfectly!