UY081 Denis Horvat “Heist” out now!

Denis Horvat is finally back on Upon.You with nothing less but a future classic. After serving his label debut on our Upon.You Sweet & Sour Series back in 2011 and following up with the 2013-released „The Crook“ on Upon.You Digital we're glad to see the Copenhagen-based producer creating his next sure shot with „Heist feat. Forrest“ – a damp, slightly fever'ish and kinda tribal flavored House affair catering all longing creatures of the night with deep, seductive and ever evolving basslines, decent build-ups and perfectly phrased synth tones accompanied by the fragile, uniquely executed vocals of Forrest who's adding a special, hormone-sweating late night sex drive to Denis Horvats flawless production skills. With „Seene“ the dancefloor magic continues whilst the Danish studio wizard is breaking up the straight 4-2-the-floor-pattern of the regular club night with the frolicking drum intro sequence that perfectly falls together with shaking brushes and scattered percussions bits building a dry killer pattern of seemingly South American heritage before the beloved 4/4 kicks in. And it's this kick, directly linked  to a massive bassline reminiscing of tfinest motor city moments and more scattered synth jams that provide nothing but a tense, uberly precise live feel working towards a climax never fully appearing. that turns „Seene“ into a perfect example of what might be filedunder the flag of contemporary TechnoJazz in the future. Furthermore we see longtime Upon.You-family member Onno bandy the tribalistic House feel of the „Heist feat. Forrest“ original for a highly functional, on-point TechHouse vibe brought to the floor via  his „Stripped 303 Remix“ that's about to please all primetime crowds with well-pumping drums and  lively 303 patterns which, once again, are carefully crafted for the next summer of love. You call it Acid? We call it a bomb.

UY080 Ruede Hagelstein “Minus” out now!

Winter is almost over but for the UY080 we decided to dip our label paint-brush deep into a potty filled with white. The painter is called Ruede Hagelstein and his work of art is simply called “Minus”. A track with the charm of a winter-landscape, fully accomplished, crystal clear and warming like an analogue heater. Wearing almost nothing and casted into a snow- white plate it will be a pleasure for all vinyl collectors.

Upon.You Label Night @ Watergate on the 28th of March!

As a great lift off for quite a bunch of great Berlin nights to come in 2014 the Upon.You crew sets up this years first full-on label showcase at the world famous Watergate Club, taking over the venue's so-called Water Floor for a wholenighter on March, 28th.

Introducing their recent vision of  House music in all its sweet variety as well as a freshly signed new member to the Upon.You family all performing acts are set and well ready for another extraordinary long night out filled with and fueled by pounding bass drums and warm, organic basslines specially treated for all dedicated clubbers.

The nights axis of goodness is formed by Upon.You-founder Marco Resmann and Ruede Hagelstein , stalwart member of the crew and essential part of the Berlin nightlife ever since. Whilst Marco Resmann recently has remixed Vince Watson's „Planet Funk“ for Steve Bug's very own Poker Flat Recordings label and is about to release his first solo 12“ EP on the same imprint in April, followed by another single on Upon.You in May, the one and only Ruede Hagelstein is about to enter the night with a  remarkable live set which will quite surely include his forthcoming one-sided single release „Minus“ which is set for release in the near future.

With Okain Upon.You introduces the latest signing to the labels roster. Samuel Thalmann, as the young Berlin-based Frenchie is better known as to his parents, has been making waves with a remarkable string of releases on labels like Tsuba Records, Quartz Music, Bpitch Control, Four:Twenty and remixes for the likes of Darren Emerson, Kaiserdisco, Steve Lawler and many more since 2007 and has released his Upon.You debut „Some Of My Tools“ in February. 

Finally we've got Gunnar Stiller rounding off this sweet quadruple serving. Being another well-established member of the German capital's nightlife circuit with innumerable DJ-sets and releases on Upon.You, Voltage Music and Clap Your Hands under his belt and a new single on Upon.You to come later in 2014 it's pretty that this man is about to cater nothing but pure, solid quality in House music when he's on the decks. 

Join us. Don't miss!



UYD014 Nicson & Skinnybone Love “Beyond The Rules” out now!

Our next digital release is a deep surprise. Nicson and Skinnybone Love founded a new solo project. Up to now they are known as T.W.I.C.E. Now they have decided to go alone together. For the UYD014 that means a creation of three wonderful deep-housers. “Detroit Pow” with good old chords in Motor City style and a smart remix by Pezzner. “Chulito” with bent sounds to dance and glance around the corner and “Gadifornication”  that includes well proportioned house-quotes. Made by Nicson who besides producing, also manages Flumo Records.

UY079 Okain “Some Of My Tools” out now!

Up to now, the French artist Okain appears in our label catalogue as a remixer.  So we felt that it was time to devote his sound an own release. Such is the case with the UY079, where four tight tracks are waiting to be nailed on the dance floor by digital DJ's worldwide. “Boys Talk”, “Check Yourself, “Hazy Dayz” and “Talkin Smack” are as useful as a Swiss army knife, never forsaking you even if in complex terrain.

UYD013 Various Artists “Upon You Best Of 2013” out now!

2013 was a good year for Upon You Records. The 'Upon You Best of 2013' comes with the strongest tracks of the last year from artists like Marco Resmann, Sierra Sam & Kink, Quenum, Loquace, Tim Xavier, Denis Horvat, Marcus Gehring and also remixes from Alex Niggemann, Dave Aju, Fabio Gianelli and D.O.P.. Out now exclusively on Beatport!


UY078 Various Artists “A Selection Of Diary N°3” compiled by The Cheapers out now!

As promised: after The Cheapers have successfully launched the “Diary III” Compilation, here comes the best of it on Vinyl. It wasn't easy to pick out four from 17 strong tracks. Chris Wood & Meat have found very fast into the rill with their track “Slow Down” as well as the cuddle-house sound from Madmotormiquel “Something Special”. Magit Cacoon also screamed to be pressed on the black plastic with “Winds Of My Mind”. And last but not least, the record is being completed with the title track from The Cheapers “Memories”.

UY077 Alland Byallo “Crepuscular” out now!

Good afternoon, his name is Alland Byallo. Born in the U.S.A he has made himself a name working as a DJ and producer in LA and San Francisco. His discography is wide spread and is crowned by releases and remixes on Mood Music, Get Physical, BPitch Control or Cocoon. He already released one track on the UY Diary III and now kicks out a whole E.P. 'Crepuscular' and 'Blindsided' are two typical Byallo tracks. With their deepness, technoidity and trippyness they are a perfect fundament for two sporty remixes. One of our favorite UY Labelartists Dave Aju, who constructs on A2 a mental highway and label boss Marco Resmann blows 'Blindsided' through his amazing synth-pool.

UYCD004 Varous Artists “Diary N°3” compiled by The Ceapers out now!

The “Diary”, an Upon You Compilation, is the third of its kind and presented as a retrospective. Featured are a collective of ancestral artists like Marco Resmann, Onno, Magit Cacoon or Gunnar Stiller, as well as external ones like Chris Wood & Meat, Alland Byallo, Canson, Skinnerbox, Madmotormiquel and Ante Perry. Compiled by The Cheapers who gave their track “Memories” for this project which is also the name giving track of the CD. The two have been collecting exclusive tracks from Upon You artist as well as friends to create an assembly that covers the colorful spectrum of Upon You: deep, classic, jiggly, thriving, crooked and sometimes a little poppy. In comparison to the parent Diaries, the two Cheapers tried to add a more personal note by not only pressing their worn-out passport photos on the cover but also utilizing the tracks in a delicious mix. A serving proposal for fans. The DJs can of course buy the single tracks on all popular selling sites and later arrange them how they want. But- what could be better than to consume a nice mix of 19 tracks on the couch while rummaging in a booklet designed with love. Who ever wants to hear the last track of Ruede Hagelstein & The Noblettes has to buy the CD because it is exclusive only here! The best Dance Hits are going to be dignified on a vinyl extraction- so that everyone will be happy.

Upon.You Label Night @ Panorama Bar on the 15th of November!

Coming on strong for the stormy mid-fall season the Upon.You crew returns to Berlin's world famous Panorama Bar again on November 15th  – willing, set and well ready for another extraordinary long night out filled with and fueled by pounding bass drums, warm, organic and overwhelmingly embracing basslines and a unique vision of House music in all its sweet variety.

Next to DJ sets of Upon.You-founder Marco Resmann and the ever active, long time Berlin-dweller Ruede Hagelstein, both known and loved for serving nothing but pure pleasure on the decks, this mid november night is emblazoned by a powerful triple pack of special guests including one of Germany's longtime scene shaping House masters with a discography to die for.

Who's the one? No-one less than the great Ian Pooley who is not only celebrating his 20 years release anniversary in 2013 but has also graced Magit Cacoon's latest Upon.You-Release with two amazing remixes lately. Two proper reasons to get him on the bill and every record he's playing is a minimum of two more.

And when the remixing master is here, the original artist cannot be far for a reason. So Magit Cacoon is joining the pack tonight. Relocated from Tel Aviv's flourishing scene to her home Berlin things between the founding lady of great Girl Scout-label and Upon.You clicked within shortest of time which lead to the late summer release of her aforementioned Upon.You debut „More Than One“ in August –   a sweet little gem that tranfers her enigmatic performances in to a musical shape. 

Rounding off this amazing gathering is a full on analogue live performance by another stalwart name on the electronic music circuit – Sierra Sam. Having honed his chops with releases and remixes on groundbreaking labels like Re-load, the R&S daughter Generations, Tuning Spork and many others from the mid-90s onwards our longtime friend and purveyor of fine grooves is about to spread some serious dancefloor vibes driven by knowledge, wisdom and a neverending love for knob twisting and classic beat making machines. 

Be there . Don't miss.