UY096 ONNO “Some Mo” out now!

It's been six years since the Amsterdam-based DJ &  producer Onno Van Elzen – better known as ONNO – made his first mark on Upon.You Digital with his „Masterdam“ single, followed by a string of high quality releases on Upon.You Records in subsequent years. Now ONNO is back with his latest masterpiece, embracing the heat of the night with the forthcoming single release „Some Mo“.

Talking the heat of the night it's the title track which is getting things straight from the very start with a steamy, hefty drumset and well-familiar, uber-ecstatic vocal samples, accompanied by percussive, mechanical sweeps – a raw, stripped down fusion combining the very best elements of House and TechHouse to a fever'ish, pumping effect.

Following up on remix duties is a man that needs no further introduction, a true stallion and ever active figure within the German scene since the late 90s. Martin Landsky takes over controls for his version of „Some Mo“ and takes the tune to a next level by adding killer stabs and signals whilst serving highly dynamic build-ups and a general energy overdose for hyped peaktime crowds.

With „Stabbing Sally“ ONNO digs a little deeper, bringing in floating, levitating and ever evolving athmospheres on top of muscular drums before an obscured vocal breakdown and techy, dubbed out stabs add up to a timeless, ever functional recipe fusing ingredients cof ontemporary TechHouse and classic DubTechno elements for all lovers of quality electronic music.

UYD023 DJ Le Roi “You Don´t Know” out now!

Welcome back to our newest edition of our beloved Upon.You Digital branch where another fresh face makes its Upon.You label debut these days – a face fresh to our ever expanding roster but not a newcomer to the scene at all. We're talking the Switzerland-based DJ Le Roi here who has left his mark with productions on labels like Objektivity, Get Physical, Compost Black Label or Deeptown Music in the past eight years and now is setting out to rock floors worldwide with his forthcoming digital single „You Don't Know“. With the title track „You Don't Know“ DJ Le Roi fuses super seductive TechHouse and most uplifting House vibes to a maximum ecstatic effect when multilayered, soulful female vocals meet killer stabs, glitzy synths melodies and thrilling, progressive bass sweeps, sending all punters' hands high up in the sky. High energy, anyone? Following up is „Muuvin'“, another powerful TechHouse-affair exploring more sketchy and dangerous nightlife territories definied by growling, fever'ish basslines, tribal'esque chants and a spine-tingling main motif that's accompanied by more gooey, slowly morphing sub warps as well as functional, slighly oldskool reminiscing snare rolls for those who know. Finally Chris Wood & Meat come up with their „Muuvin And Groovin Remix“ which takes things to a techier level with razor sharp hi-hats, bouncy metallic modulations and a rolling Munich Disco-style bassline perfectly complementing the tunes epic string coating and on point, trance-inducing synth works for a levitating dancefloor feel.



UY095 Denis Horvat “Strange Nation” out now!

It's been about a  little more than a year since Copenhagen-based producer Denis Horvat released his sophomore single „Heist“ via Upon.You  and now it's time for the talented and ever busy Dane to make a 2015 comeback to the family with „Strange Nation“, his latest digital single release. With the title track „Strange Nation“ the Danish producer starts things with pounding, reverberating big room drums and a lot of punch, before spaced out, corresponding yet slightly off-kilter synth lines start floating through a multidimensional universe, accompanied by seductive, dub'ish chords and a melancholia-induced low end. A deep, sonic double helix of a kind and a mesmerizing journey that could go on forever. The remix version of the title track is crafted by the Munich-based SHOW-B , backed by releases on labels like Poker Flat Recordings or Compost Records, and unveils an edgier, techier side of „Strange Nation“, bringing in dangerously warped subs and a more abstract, slightly 'troity touch to the carefully altered melody sequence. Prime time power detected here. Also on the musical menu is the SHOW-B Dub of „Strange Nation“, a variation as intense and as powerful as TechHouse can ever get and a sureshot on the dancefloor for a reason. With „Purple Fiction“ Denis Horvat enters tropical realms with loads of shaker action, additional ultra-compressed bassdrum punches and ecstatic vocal snippets living up to the plead for total ecstasy on the dancefloor and the energy provided by steaming hot sawtooth synth sweeps, morphing and meandering all over the bass side of the sonic spectrum for ultimate pleasure purposes. Finally the Sub37 Edit of „Purple Fiction“ keeps up with the tropical shaker vibes of the original cut but comes up with a slightly distorted synth line morphing back and forth from low end distortion crescendoes to clearly Acid-reminiscing segments building up vigorously for maximum dancefloor peaks that this track is about to cause for sure.

UY094 Okain “Coma” out now!

Welcome back, Okain! After his digital label debut „Some Of My Tools“ and his praised collaboration with ONNO resulting in their conjunctional „Triple O“ EP Samuel Thalmann a.k.a. Okain is about to unleash four brand new tunes on his forthcoming Upon.You-single „Coma“.

With the title track „Coma“ our French friend masterly crafts an enthrallingly bouncy mother of a tune walking the fine line between House and TechHouse, serving swirling Hi-NRG synth modulations and super ecstatic vocal bits for those who like to get into the groove. This track is prime time heaven for all clubbers out there.

Following up is „Karma“, a tune again well-balanced between the House and TechHouse side of things but clearly focusing on the deeper end of the spectrum. Spatial effects and mellow, slightly dubbed out chords meet muscular drums, dreamy, balearic sample work as well as scenic string arrangements all serving perfectly for latenight sets and epic transitions between night and dawn.

Opening the „Silver Door“ Okain's sonic journey leads him straight into the jackin' zone. A Chitown-reminiscing phonk, stripped down production and an almighty Acid-line are the weapons of choice to hype the crowd right before floating synths really mark the point when things are about to get intense. Timeless as timeless can get and a future classic for sure.

Finally with „Untitled Three“ things are getting a little techy for a reason. Banging drums, razorblade hi-hats and woodwork percussions are setting the pace for the ultimate seduction brought to you by Yello'esque male vocal bits, more Chicago referring basslines and on point chords reverberating and bouncing off each other into spiralling eternity.

Upon.You Records Showcase on Beatport LIVE this Friday @ Prince Charles!

On Friday, Beatport will stream our Upon.You Showcase with Magit CacoonMarco Resmann and Okain, live from Prince Charles Club in Berlin! The Show goes from 8-11pm. If you are in Berlin, feel free to join us for a drink at Prince Charles, the entry is free for you!



UY093 Davina Moss “14 Weeks feat. Louki Louky” out now!

Always on the lookout for fresh and upcoming talent as well as open for new and previously unheard visions of electronic club music the Upon.You family welcomes the Ibiza-based producer Davina Moss to the roster – also known to the island's party crew under her DJ alias Davina  D. Teaming up with the Parisian violin player Louky Louki for her label debut she amalgamates organic violin melancholia with a pumping, late night sex-drive and a funky as fuck bassline that brings nothing but pure delight for all beautiful party people grooving along to the decent sonic temptation of the „14 Weeks“ original. Up on remix duty is the Italian / Argentinean pairing of Alex Neri & Federico Grazzini which are catering an enthralling start with an amazing intro sequence leading into a spiralling uptempo TechHouse ride. Rolling basslines, a luscious big room attitude and the floating beauty of the unique main motif turns their remix version into a compulsory primetime choice. Furthermore we have the longtime conjunctional force of Marco Resmann and Norman Weber a.k.a. Luna City Express teaming up for a well-glitzy rework of „14 Weeks“ that's about to set floors in motion with a neverending stream of joyful vibes, on point drumrolls, deep chords and spaced out echo works alongside Louky Louki's epic violin. Pure energy for ecstatic dancefloor workouts.

Back to Alex Neri & Federico Grazzini again with their second serving – their so-called 'Dub' vision of „14 Weeks“. Techier and – as the name might suggest – also significantly stripped down the team focuses on the very basics with this one. Super deep subs, slighty hollow snare drums and shiny, reverberating synths are the main ingredients until perfectly acquainted stabs rev up all engines and the main break primes all punters for an ultimate lift-off.

For the final, laid back version of „14 Weeks“ Luna City Express are leaving the straight 4/4 path behind in favor of their 'Downbeat Mix' that fully lives up to its name with dope Broken Beats, dubbed out vibe and cinematic feel – a sweet, chill exploration of balearic terrace moods or soundtrack to amazing animations of deep space photography. Don't call it 'lounge', though.

We welcome Martin Landsky to the Upon.You Family!

Martin Landsky has now been living and breathing underground house and techno for almost three decades. Sure, when he first started out in the early eighties he was mainly playing to school friends, but dance music and DJing had already got him under their spell, and it’s been that way ever since. After experimenting with homemade mixtapes and breakdancing in local crews, house and techno arrived in his Hamburg hometown and he fell immediately in love. Soon graduating to playing ‘proper’ DJ sets in clubs around Germany, Martin was amongst the first to be playing these new electronic sounds and even had his own night at the legendary Front Club, where he became known for his fresh selections. Now, years later, there is barely a club or festival anywhere in the world that he hasn’t headlined.Largely inspired by black music, it wasn’t long before Martin began crafting his own productions and a debut release came in 1997 on MC Projects London. It was the start of what has turned out to be an illustrious production career that now takes in underground hits like ‘Bloodhound’ (which was remixed by Steve Bug and got re-released as a certified classic in 2009 on an esteemed Decks Records sub label) as well as the huge underground anthem that joined together DJs from all backgrounds, namely the ubiquitous ‘1000 Miles’ on Poker Flat. A key member of Steve Bug’s Poker Flat family, Martin also released his debut LP, In Between, on the same label in 2001. Other successes that define the slick, sleek and seductive house and tech fusions Martin serves up are ‘The Composer’, also on Poker Flat , ‘Morning Caffeine’ on Mobilee and many more besides. What’s more, as a remixer, Martin’s unique touches have been put on music by everyone from Booka Shade to John Tejada, Miss Kittin to Pan-Pot.“I like to experiment,” says the Berlin based Martin. “I don’t follow one style. I have no templates at all, but my music has to be deep and has to have balls.” Anyone who has danced to one of the man’s considered and coherent sets around the world will attest to that: they are compelling things that call up a diverse array of genres, not just the latest big hits, and importantly never lose sight of an essential groove.In the background to all this, Martin has also worked for Container Distribution and later for Word And Sound – one of the world’s largest distributers – since 1995, but has also been boss of his own label. Effortil Records (later renamed Intim Recordings) ran from 1998 until 2002 and was responsible for Phonique’s very first two releases as well as Marco Resmann’s debut and won plenty of acclaim with DJs and dancers alike. Now a proud part of the Upon.You family, Martin continues to work on new EPs and exciting collaborations and after so long in the game has a truly 360 degree understanding of dance music. It is for that reason that he is such a vital part of house and techno’s underground world.

UY092 LOYOTO “Looking At The Starz” incl. Marco Resmann Remix out now!

LOYOTO – three syllables fused to a name that sounds strangely familiar but yet is a project on the rise and making its full on debut on Upon.You Records these days although the formative and creative duo behind this name is longtime established amongst connaisseurs of electronic music, both for individual solo works as well as for praised cooperations and conjunctional efforts with other artists.

So who is LOYOTO? It's the brainchild of both Berlin-based artists DJ Cle, ambassador of finest House Music since the late 80s, part of the legendary Märtini Brös. and backed by a string of solo releases and remixes on labels like Poker Flat Recordings or Local Talk, and Eva Be, originally rooted in Dub and Reggae, recording artist for Best Works and Best Seven as well as remixer for Sonar Kollektiv, Pulver Records and many others. Together they bring in their experiences from both sides of the spectrum, exploring dubby electronic spheres – and the miraculous beauty of the universe – in their corporate studio space This shared experience shows in the title track „Looking At The Starz“, a deep and organic TechHouse affair touched by floating Dub, featuring most beautiful bass motifs, levitating drones, reverberant chords and dream-inducing space vocals alongside a tender, slightly uplifting melody that makes dancers and groovers grin like a Cheshire cat.  On the flip we'll find Upon.You-mastermind Marco Resmann on  remix duties, dubbing out the vocals darkly and serving a 180° turn vibewise. His primetime-focused version of „Looking At The Starz“ is defined by a foundation of demandingly pounding drums and sharp hi-hats paving the way for a threatening, ever evolving and slightly metallic sounding sawtooth synth that warps alongside swirling signals gyrating like artificial insects finally guided to an ultimate climax by a intricately twisted little motif carving its way out from the depths of a thrilling breakdown.

Finally – at least when it comes to vinyl – there's „Black Holes“, a spaced out vision of Electronic Dub harking back to the roots of Dub in terms of serving a sparse, spatial and stripped down sonic experience as well as fusing these qualities with modern DubTechno and the ever embracing beauty of Ambient / Deep Listening Music whilst implanting essential knowledge about the nature of „Black Holes“ into our subconscious mind.“

Also individually available for all digital customers is the Instrumental Version of Marco Resmann's remix for „Looking In The Starz“ whilst the „Black Holes (Instrumental)“ is served as a digital bonus to those who're purchasing LOYOTO's debut as a complete bundle.

UYCD006 Magit Cacoon “Other Dimension” out now!

It's been three intense years now since the formerly Tel Aviv-based DJ, producer and Girl Scout-leader Magit Cacoon hooked up with the Upon.You-family back in 2012 after relocating herself to Berlin and making some serious waves on the cities and of course the European club circuit. Three exciting years in which the flawless amalgamation of stunning performance behind the decks, vibrant sense of melodic thrills and her enchanting personality has added invaluable moments of magic to innumerable club nights and festivals whilst the production and studio persona of Magit Cacoon continously panned out, creating a unique signature sound directly derived from her experience as an air miles collecting DJ.

Within a few years only she's come a long way from her 2011-released debut Voyage 34 on her own Girl Scout label via releases on Be As One Imprint and Whatpeopleplay to remix works for the UK outfit Porcupine Tree and a string of groundbreaking releases on Upon.You Records, that perfectly reflect on her specific musical vision that now fully unfolds on .Other Dimension, Magit Cacoon's first ever longplay album and a seductive, yet playful and surely spine thrilling statement of a matured and fully grown artistic mind.

Written and produced in collaboration with Oliver Deutschmann Magit Cacoon's album debut Other Dimension covers the whole spectrum of vibrant contemporary club music that, although closely bond to the framework of House, TechHouse, chromatic (Neo)Trance and related 4/4-based derivates, thinks way beyond pure dancefloor functionality. This universal approach and vision does not only show in the detailed and carefully crafted sound sculptures built within an electronic studio environment but shines even more in the use of Magit Cacoon's most natural and intimate instrument her own voice.

From the carefully crafted Ambient soundscapes of the epic intro tune Plant M to the overwhelming bass pleasure and cinematic melancholia of Crime (Who's Afraid Of Berlin) the journey goes, continues into the anthemic, late 80s Detroit reminiscing chord progression of Freedom Is Timeless that sees a nice little flirtation with Pop going on before the Love Express works dancefloors uncompromisingly, serving a hard, fevering, ever evolving track style to all creatures of the night.

Magit Cacoon is speeding things up with frolicking basslines and an uberly condensed atmosphere of No Compromise that provides relief through a few sparse, 'troity chords followed by the albums title track Other Dimension that once again proves her feel for long, epic build-ups and sweet, melancholia-struck melodies this time served on a slightly techier foundation that undoubtedly supports one of the most emotional anthems of 2015 and beyond.

Talking things techy the Ghetto Xberg even fuses huge string arrangements and bleepy Acid lines to a great effect whilst the subaquatic Bass excursion named Oddity Sound brings in Drexciyan qualities and vibes. More heavily trippin' bass pressure is found in Light that's despite its title – surprisingly flirting with darker, more threatening powers whilst working sweat-soaked crowds to the max and so is the powerful and well buzzing Summertime Space which is as primetime bond as its predecessor. Finally with Orion , the albums closing tune, things are coming full cycle again when slowly pounding low frequency sounds and calm Ambient soundscapes accomplish eachother nicely, perfectly rounding off the longplay debut of an extraordinary artist and a beloved member of the Upon.You tribe.

UYD022 Mario Da Ragnio & Jonathan Kaspar “Tudeles” out now!

Always on the lookout for fresh and upcoming talent spring brings two new additions to the roster of our Upon.You Digital branch, setting out towards deep and well pumping shores whilst keeping dancefloors busy with their rolling, stripped down and yet melodious vision of quality electronic dance music.

We're talking the conjunctional force of Mario Da Ragnio & Jonathan Kaspar here which are collaborating for this digital single release, a collaboration in which the experienced producer Da Ragnio, backed by releases and remixes on labels like Aeon Audio, Takt Records, Caballero, Strictly Rhythm or Blu Fin, meets the Bonn-based DJ Jonathan Kaspar to a fruitful effect.

With „Tudeles“, the title track, the pair of producers is rolling out a warm, yet stripped down TechHouse tip able to fill up huge spaces with massive bass and reverbs as well as sparsely scattered, futuristic effects, a highly effective sci-fi motif and a super seductive, trance-inducing melodic synth line that's finally sending punters to late night rave heaven.

With their second interpretation of the title track, the so-called „Tudeles (Reprise Mix)“ Mario Da Ragnio & Jonathan Kaspar explore slightly darker realms, focusing on endless buildups and ecstatic sound progression, challenging large crowds and heaving floors to the max.

Coming up next is „Crawling“, an uncompromising, straightforward Minimal TechHouse tool sporting an ominous droning atmosphere, wobbly, ever evolving basslines and mysterious, slightly processed sermonizing vocal bits adding up a dash of extra spice to this rollercoaster journey of a track.

Finally the  „Diaguita (Dub Mix)“ comes up with a livelier, more uplifting vibe in TechHouse, citing tribalistic drums, a surprising stop-and-go break as well as microchopped vocal bits for all those loving their Latin flavour right whilst shaking their hips and asses along with the groove.